Patrick Joseph Rieger

Guitar, Vocals, Bodhran

Patrick Joseph Rieger is a founding member of Whiskey Sunday.  Born and raised in the land of snow and purple rain, Minneapolis Minnesota flows through this Irishman's veins. On his first birthday in 1985, Patrick ate 4 hot dogs and went headfirst into his cake. At 10 years old his Mother swears he had a sighting of St. Francis, in Assisi. Patrick has been living in Los Angeles, CA since 2007. With a slew of Irish theatre work and the love of his Grandmother's heritage, Patrick was thrown into Irish music boot-camp by the great Slugger O'Toole; playing rhythm guitar, bodhran, and sharing lead vocals. In June of 2012, Patrick and Deidre Moore took an electric harp, a few ballads, some Jameson, and Whiskey Sunday was born. Patrick brings the love of Midwestern America into the songs of Whiskey Sunday while also acknowledging LA as the humble catalyst for music in his life.


olivia sandoval

Bass, Vocals

Whiskey Sunday's only native Angelena, Olivia Sandoval melds her classically trained abilities with punk rock attitude and vintage glamour. She was raised with The Pogues, Tom Waits, and Los Lobos as her childhood soundtrack, and loves playing her standup (lovingly nicknamed Ruca) out under a starring southwest sky more than anything. This half Latina, half Irish firecracker will headbang with the beast of 'em or vibrato her way to your heart, but don't offer to carry her bass for her; she didn't pick the biggest lookin' instrument in middle school band for any dang handouts!



Vito Gutilla hails from Dallas, Texas, where he grew up playing classical music and later dabbled in the Texas country scene. After moving to Los Angeles in 2012, he started playing Irish fiddle in various bands around town. Now he wears a kilt everywhere he goes and is considering getting some Celtic ink to compliment the Jerusalem Cross on his arm. Ok, he doesn't wear the kilt everywhere, but the tattoo thing is real. Vito also teaches karate, writes fantasy, and podcasts/blogs about economics in his spare time. 



Banjo, Dobro

Louisiana-born, Virginia-bred, Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and hyphen enthusiast Adam Hall has performed and/or recorded with artists as diverse as Billy Ray Cyrus, Lupe Fiasco, Aerosmith's Joe Perry, and former Guns N' Roses' Gilby Clarke. Outside of Americana-Irish-Folk-Rocking with Whiskey Sunday, he plays disc golf and/or is thinking about playing disc golf. His favorite food is a tomato and mayo sandwich with Crystal hot sauce on it.



Mandolin, Fiddle 

Liam Lewis is an LA based fiddler and mandolin player specializing in Celtic and Americana music who has performed in such prominent venues as the Hollywood Bowl, Glendale's Alex Theatre, and the Luckman Fine Arts Complex. Some evenings you may see him clad in his kilt playing traditional fiddle tunes at the Irish sessions in LA, other nights you may catch him shredding classic rock licks with an Ibanez Tube Screamer plugged into the mandolin.  Liam teaches privately at several studios in LA in addition to recording and gigging with various bands at multiple established residencies around Los Angeles and in the Celtic club circuit.